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WVWB Launch Event 
31st October 2022
from 10:30 a.m to 13:00 p.m Baghdad Local Time
Onsite in Erbil - Online in zoom

Aide Humanitaire et Journalisme (AHJ), cordially invites you to participate in the launching of the project “Women Voices Without Borders” in Iraq and KRI (WVWB Iraq) on the 31st October 2022.


This initiative is supported by the Crisis and Support Center (CDSC) of the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE) and aims to support the professional integration of young female journalists and journalism graduates by creating jobs for them in independent organisations in Iraq.

Since 2017, in the framework of its actions (journalism to empower women in conflict zones and Makanati), AHJ has enabled 200 women, journalists and human rights activists, from all the parts of society including ethnic groups and minorities, to be trained in journalism techniques and human rights so that they can assert their rights and make their voices heard.

Launched on June 1st, 2021, as part of the Generation Equality Forum, WVWB received the double labeling of UN France Women and the Forum. This network brings together more than forty female journalists from eleven countries in the Middle East and Africa. 

Its objective is to support their protection, education and networking through solidarity and advocacy actions. The situation of women journalists and activists in the field in each country was analyzed and a report was drafted based on these findings prepared by AHJ experts.

This made it possible in December 2021 to depict and present the situation of Iraqi and Syrian women journalists and to make their voices heard during a seminar organized by AHJ in Erbil, which was supported by UNHCR Iraq, UNFPA Iraq, Raja Foundation, and Amnesty International France.

Today, with the support of the CDCS of the MEAE, our program will strengthen the professional skills of young women through training and internships. Moreover, the program will support the development of independent organizations in the media field in Iraq.

Programme of WVWB Live Podcast Event

During the introduction of the launching event, we will be honored to welcome the Ambassador of France in Iraq, Mr. Eric Chevallier, as well as the WVWB beneficiaries and partners. We will have the opportunity to better comprehend the context and purpose of this project.

Then we will discuss the need to reinforce the technical capabilities of women journalists to develop their technical skills in podcast production, and we will also listen to the different points of view of the present independent media representatives in Iraq and KRI.

It is also crucial to give the floor to key international institutions and agencies of international cooperation in Iraq to discuss with them the situation of women in Iraqi media, issues related to women’s emancipation in the media, gender equality and the importance of the professional integration of women journalists and graduates of media in Iraq as well as women refugees and women from minority groups.

Therefore, AHJ looks forward to offering a moment of discovery of the talents of women journalists (our beneficiaries) and to highlight the remarkable work of trainers and independent media in Iraq, as well as the key role of institutional actors in Iraq and KRI.


Date: 31st October 2022

from 10:30 to 13:00 Erbil Local Time

from 08:30 to 11:00 Paris Local Time

On site in Erbil - On line on zoom

10h30- 11h00

Introduction and presentation of the WVWB project in Iraq

Host: Bahar Jaff (Entrepreneur, Life coach and TEDx Talks 2021 Speaker

Co-host: Shayda Hessami , The AHJ General Director

Guest speakers:

His excellency Eric Chevallier, The French Ambassador to Iraq

Angie Cotte, The AHJ's President

11h00 - 11h30

The professional integration of women journalists by creating key roles for them in production techniques in media to promote gender equality

Guest speakers:

David Hivet, Media expert in MENA region

Ahmed Natiq, Expert member of AHJ Organisation, Podcast Production Trainer

11h30 - 11h40

Music Performance by Sofie Sorman

11h40 - 12h10

The importance of the development of communication departments in CSOs and media institutions in Iraq and KRI

Guest speakers:

Salam Omer, Director of Kirkuk Now

Kholoud Alamri, Board Director of Empowering Women in Media Organisation

Aymeric De Chezelles, Director of Radio Al-Salam

Rawand Azad, Programme Director of WEO 

12h10 - 12h45

The role of international institutions and agencies for human rights and gender equality in empowering women journalists, activists, minorities and refugees in Iraq and KRI

Guest speakers:

His Excellency, Sven Mosslier, Deputy Consul General of Germany in Erbil

Barzan Akram Ahmad, Head of the DNGO in KRG

Catherine Bonnaud, The AFD Regional Director for the Middle Esat 

Firas Al Khatib, Spokesperson of UNHCR Iraq

12h45 - 13h00

Conclusion by:

his excellency Olivier Decottignies, Consul General of France in Erbil

and Shayda Hessami, the General Director of AHJ

The name of the speakers will be announced on 29th October 

WVWB Project since its creation in 2021:



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Presentation of the WVWV project Iraq

Within the framework of AHJ’s actions concerning the education of women journalists from the “Women Voices Without Borders” network, a partnership has been signed between AHJ and the Crisis and Support Center (CDCS) of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs of France (MEAE).


This partnership aims to support the professional integration of women journalists and university graduates in Iraq by facilitating their adaptation in the workforce and through the development of communication departments of independent media initiatives based in Iraq.



  • Eleven women journalists and graduates of media departments from Baghdad, Mosul, Erbil, Sulaimaniyah, Kirkuk and Duhok (two are Syrian refugees and Yazidi minority journalists) 

  • Four independent media initiatives based in Iraq and KRI: Radio Al-Salam, Women Empowerment Organisation (WEO), Empower Women in Media (EWM), and KirkukNow.


  • Strengthening the professional skills of young women journalists and young graduates of media departments in Iraq through training in techniques of podcasts production and digital communication.

  • Strengthening the professional capacities of young women journalists and graduates of media departments by organizing training in portfolios writing and communication development techniques.

  • Strengthening the professional capacities of young women journalists and graduates of media departments by organizing internships in web radio writing in the media.

  • Creation of workspaces dedicated to women journalists by setting up podcast channels and communication strategies for the development of independent initiatives.

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