CFI, the French Agency for Media Development, in partnership with AHJ, the Humanitarian Aid and Journalism organization and with the support of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, is pleased to launch the #Makanati project for women and medias in Iraq and Yemen. 


The Makanati project encourages a wider participation of women in Iraqi and Yemeni societies and a better understanding by the local population of the challenges they face, particularly through the production and dissemination of information about women. It also aims to raise awareness among journalists and future journalists of the subject of gender equality in the media and women’s rights. 

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AHJ is an association registered under French law (1901), founded in France (2017) and registered in the Kurdistan region of Iraq since 2019. It allows the people in the conflict zones, especially women, to train in journalism and creativity to assert their rights to freedom of expression, information and education.