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#MAKANATI Virtual Seminar
28-29 September 2020 
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#Makanatimedia Women and Media in Iraq and Yemen

Virtual seminar to launch the #Makanati project

28-29 September, 2020

CFI, the French Agency for Media Development, in partnership with AHJ, the Humanitarian Aid and Journalism organization and with the support of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, is pleased to launch the #Makanati project for women and medias in Iraq and Yemen. 


The “Makanati” project encourages a wider participation of women in Iraqi and Yemeni societies and a better understanding by the local population of the challenges they face, particularly through the production and dissemination of information about women. It also aims to raise awareness among journalists and future journalists of the subject of gender equality in the media and women’s rights. 

The seminar will examine the latest developments, difficulties and challenges that are encountered, and will shed light on existing initiatives as well as sharing concepts and building a common vision of the “place” women should have in the Media in their respective countries, and within their specific contexts.  

Monday 28 September 2020

1st session: Presentation of The Makanati project

10 am French time, (11 am Iraqi and Yemeni times) - Duration: 1 h15


-Presentation of the Makanati project by t the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and he French Agency for Media Development 

-Presentation of the Makanati project partners by the Humanitarian Aid and Journalism organization (AHJ), Iraqi Women Journalists Forum (IWJF), and Studies & Economic Media Center Yemen (SEMC). 


- Online press conference directed to media agencies, public universities (media departments) and local, regional and international civil society organizations with the aim of presenting the objectives and activities of the project. 



2nd session: Media and Gender in Iraq and Yemen: Analysis of the situation

2:00 pm, French time, (3:00 pm, Iraqi and Yemeni times) - Duration: 1 h45 


This roundtable will present findings on the media landscape in Iraq and Yemen through a gender perspective: What are the roles that media play in promoting women's rights and gender equality?  What are the positions that women hold in media, not only as journalists, but also within media content produced? And finally, what obstacles have been identified and which resources can be leveraged?



Tuesday, 29 September 2020

3rd Session: Women Journalists and discrimination: How to fight it?

10:00 am French time, (11 am Iraqi and Yemeni times) - Duration: 1h45



This roundtable will examine the legal framework in which women professional journalists build their careers in Iraq and Yemen. What are the threats female journalists face during their field assignments or within their working environment? What are the initiatives that have been taken at institutional level as well as within civil society to provide solutions?



4th session: Women and Leadership in the Media: Why? How?

2:00 pm French time, (3:00 pm Iraqi and Yemeni times) - Duration 1h30


This final roundtable is dedicated to the importance of female representation in the Media. What mechanisms should be implemented in order to contribute to a more equal distribution of responsibilities? More precisely, what do women add to the leadership positions in media and what are the challenges they have to overcome?


Presentation of the objectives of the inventory to be launched in the framework of “Makanati” project

Closing of the seminar

You're journalist, media and gender expert, student in journalism, NGO or governmental organisation, and you're interested to join us, reserve your place here:


The “Makanati” Seminar consists of 4 sessions, on Zoom platform in French, Arabic, English and Kurdish languages

To know more about our speakers of each session, check out the videos bellow


28 September 2020/Session1/ Presentation of the Makanati Project

 Session2/ Women and Media in Iraq and Yemen

Session3/ Women Journalists and Discrimination

Session4 / Women & Leadership in the Media

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