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Webinar's Programme

Women's Voices Without Borders


Promoting gender equality through journalism

Journalism for Humain Rights

Tuesday 1 June 2021 – from 2.00 PM to 5.30 PM Paris Time

02:00 - 02:10

Opening and presentation of the Webinar

Angie Cotte, President of AHJ


02:10 - 03:35  

Panel: Comparative views on the situation of women journalists and activists in the Middle East and Africa

This first panel will bring together several leading women's voices from around the world to share their views on gender equality and their analysis of the situation of women journalists and activists in their countries.


Moderator :

Shayda Hessami, Co-founder and General Director of AHJ

Panelists :​


Catherine Monnet,Editor-in-Chief, Reporters Without Borders

Situation of women journalists in the world; RSF survey on women journalists​.


Aida Ghajar, Iranian Journalist, Blogger and Human Rights Activist

Situation of Iranian Women Journalist and Activist in the field and in exile.


Reem Abbas, Sudanese Journalist, Blogger, Researcher, Gender and Migration Specialist  

Situation of women journalists in Sudan; cyber-bullying of women journalists and activists 


Kholoud Al-Amiry, Iraqi journalist, Co-founder of TamkeenWomen and Editor-in-Chief of the Iraqi media platform.

The situation of women journalists in Iraq and the range of risks.


Shahinaz Abdelsalam, Egyptian Feminist Blogger, Writer and Human Rights Defender

The situation of journalists and activists imprisoned in Egypt.


Ayaa Irene, South Sudanese, Founder and Chairwomen of the Female Journalists Network FJN in South Sudan. 

Protection of women journalists, and education to empower female journalists in South Sudan.


Hadja Idrissa Bah, Guinean Child’s Rights and Women’s Right Activist, President of the Guinean Girls Leader Club.

Voice of the African girls; the importance of education for women in journalism.


Yasmin Al-Saleh, Yemeni Human Rights and Refugees Rights Defender, Communication Specialist & member of AHJ's expert committee.

The situation of the Yemeni refugee women journalists and activists in Tunisia.

Rada Akbar, Afghan Conceptual Artist, Photographer and Women’s Rights Activist  

Current situation of women and girls in Afghanistan.

Rezan Betula, Kurdish Performer Artist, Human Rights and Gender Equality Activist

Performance art to promote gender equality and freedom of expression in traditional cultures.


03:45 - 05:00

Panel : The WVWB project; a field response to the urgent need to promote gender equality​

This second panel will present our WVWB initiative in more detail and provide an opportunity to discuss the needs and issues on the ground. Together with a panel of key witnesses, AHJ's expert committee members and other committed actors will discuss the importance of being able to express oneself freely in a safe environment, and the need for training to increase one's professional skills.



Edith Bouvier, French Journalist, War Reporter, Author and Documentary Director

Panelists :


Zina Hamu, Yazidi Photographer, Ambassador of AHJ for the Voice of Yazidi Survivors

Education to empower Yazidis women survivors after the genocide by ISIS 2014.


Banar Hushiar, Kurdish Iraqi-Syrian TV presenter, and producer. Member of & AHJ

Create women technicians in the media to promote gender equality in media.


Mihraban Salih, Kurdish Communication Specialist, Kurdish Web Developer, and Active member of

The Importance of a secure online platform by and for women to promote gender equality.


Mariam Jenan, Young Iraqi Podcaster, Active member of

The importance of new communication techniques to raise awareness in Iraq. 


Dr Nadia Al-Sakkaf, Yemeni Journalist, Researcher, politics and gender expert. Yemen’s first female Information Minister, & member of AHJ's expert committee.

Putting emphasis on gender in media languages.


Diana Moukalled, Lebanese Journalist, Documentary Producer and Director, Media and Gender Expert. Co-Fondater & Editor-in-Chief of @Daraj_Media, & member of AHJ's expert committee.

Online Intimidation of women journalists; the importance of a secure place for women journalist from conflict zones.


Hanene Zbiss, Tunisian Investigative Journalist, Trainer and Expert in Media and Gender and member of AHJ's expert committee. 

Situation of women journalists in a post-revolutionary context.


Lina Chawaf, Syrian Journalist, Co-Founder & CEO of @RozanaFM.

The Stigma attached to the Syrian women in the media field, political and public life.

Alia Ibrahim, Lebanese Senior Journalist and Media Expert, Co-Founder and CEO of @Daraj_Media & member of AHJ's expert committee.

The importance of women in key decision-making positions in conflict zones.


Shayda Hessami, Shayda Hessami, Co-founder and General Director of AHJ

Presentation of WVWB’s project


Closure of the panel

Eric Chevallier

Director of the Crisis and Support Center, French ministry of europe and foreign affairs

Support to media and women journalists as a stabilising factor in crisis contexts.


05:00 - 05:25 

Share Recommendations and Questions-Answers

This last exchange will allow to collect and share the first recommendations of the panelists, AHJ experts, webinar participants and actors involved in these topics, and to answer the questions of the guests.



Lucie Feutrier-Cook

Expert in migrations and refugee law, Active member of AHJ


05:25 – 05:30 

Conclusions& Closure of the Webinar 

Angie Cotte

The webinar will be conducted in English and French.​

The programme features courageous women journalists and activists from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Kurdistan of Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Tunisia, Guinea and Sudan.

If you want to hear the inspiring voices of leading women journalists and activists from around the world talk about equality and the risks of their work,

If you want to participate in the creation of the first global network of women journalists and activists from conflict zones,

And if you want to actively participate in promoting gender equality through journalism,

Join us now by signing up ! A limited number of places are available!


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