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In the framework of AHJ’s initiative (Women Voices Without Borders -WVWB), with the support of the German Federal Foreign Office , AHJ is pleased to launch a call for applications for its technical workshop and masterclass in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.This workshop is intended to accelerate gender equality of women journalists, students, and fresh graduates from universities in Iraq through the professional integration by the techniques of digital media production and communication for development.


Presentation of WVWB:

Women Voices Without Borders (WVWB) was launched on June 1st, 2021, as part of the Generation Equality Forum, and has received the double labeling of UN Women France. WVWB brings together women journalists, activists and experts in media, gender and human rights from eleven countries in the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Its objective is to support their protection, education and networking through solidarity and advocacy actions. Since the creation of WVWB, AHJ has received the support of French institutions, UN agencies, international NGOs and foundations to organize the training and awareness campaigns and conferences to bring together women journalists and activists from MENA regions and to make their voices heard.

WVWB Iraq 1:

The first promotion of WVWB Iraq was launched in October 2022 with a financial support from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The project aimed to accelerate gender equality for women through training and internships in both Iraq and France. Ten women journalists from various regions, including all of Iraq, the Kurdistan region, and Syrian refugees, along with three independent media and NGOs based in Iraq, underwent trainings in Iraq and France. As a result, the trainees have been professionally integrated, and the communication departments of the independent initiatives benefiting from the program have been developed through the creation of podcast channels and the provision of production equipment.

WVWB Iraq 2:

Today, with the financial support of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany, AHJ continues its actions to accelerate gender equality and women's empowerment in the media industry, and CSO’s.In the framework of AHJ’s technical workshops and masterclasses, 5 former beneficiaries of WVWB Iraq1 will be trained in ToT (Podcast Production and Design) and 10 new beneficiaries from Kurdistan region will be trained in podcast production and communication skills.WVWB Iraq2 aims to develop the podcast channel of WVWB and Makanati platform, created by women for women.Makanati.Net was created, in 2021, in the framework of AHJ’s workshops for the MakanatiMedia project in partnership with the French Agency for Media Development (CFI).


Eligibility criteria: We are excited to announce the opening of our call for applications to women recent graduates from media, communication, and human science departments, as well as current journalism master's students based in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. This program aims to provide training in media production techniques and communication for development strategies.AHJ is seeking to identify 10 dedicated and passionate beneficiaries to be part of WVWB Iraq's 2 full program from September to December 2023.


Details of the workshop: In the framework of several online and onsite sessions, the beneficiaries will be trained and coached in the following skills:

- Audio and Production techniques

- Script writing and editorial planning

- Interviewing skills and Podcast Hosting

- Setting up and operating a mobile podcast studio

- Design, Publishing and Promoting podcasts

- Strategy of communication for development

- Portfolio production

- Covering topics related to environment and climate changes

- Organizing a live podcast event


Who can apply? Are you a young freelance woman journalist or a current Master’s students in journalism and communication or a fresh graduate based in the Kurdistan region of Iraq?  Do you want to advance your career in the communication and technical aspects of media and find your place in the media industry or civil society organizations?Are you interested in the topics of environment, climate change, women and leadership? Are you skilled in the English language? Are you skilled in writing and reporting? Are you confident of your power and capacities of learning? Do you want to participate in the change of the status of women in the media and the society? Do you have any knowledge of the WPS agenda of the UN, and do you want to participate in the acceleration of gender equality in the media? Do you have any skills in audio and video production? Are you able to participate full time in the program from September to December 2023?If yes, then you are the ideal candidate for the second promotion of WVWB Iraq 2.


Selection process of the beneficiaries: The candidate should submit an application on the following link before the 25th August 2023. Please note that the selection process will be in 2 steps.

Step 1: Submission through application form: You should respond to all the questions and attach your CV and cover letter in English.

Step 2: Selection of shortlisted candidates: Only the shortlisted candidates will receive a confirmation by email on August 30th, 2023 and will be invited for an online interview to assess their commitment and interest in the workshop's objectives.


Title: Techniques of Digital Media Production and Communication for Development (training- onsite and online) 

Release date: 7th August 2023 , Closing date: 25th August 2023 Geographical area- Iraq-Kurdistan region.  

Beneficiaries: women journalists, fresh graduates or students in media and communication departments (Master) Number of beneficiaries to be selected: 10 (7 based in Erbil and 3 based in other regions of KRI.

Contact Email:


Presentation of AHJ:

AHJ association is a non-governmental organization, registered under French law, founded in 2017; it offers all victims of war or discrimination, in particular women activists, journalists and artists from conflict and post- conflict zones, professional training in journalism, human rights and art & culture in order to access higher education and to professional integration.

Through the education, protection and networking of its beneficiaries, AHJ participates in their emancipation to defend their rights and make their voices heard. In the framework of its actions, AHJ has enabled 300 women, journalists, activists, students and professionals, to be trained in communication and media techniques, protection, and networking to share their views and support each other between experienced professionals and young emerging talents, across borders, so that they can assert their rights and make their voices heard.

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