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Web-media technique and creation of the Makanati platform

In the framework of  Makanati project,  CFI, the French Agency for Media Development, in partnership with AHJ, the Humanitarian Aid and Journalism organization and with the support of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, is pleased to launch a call for application for AHJ’s online workshop Web-media technique and creation of the Makanati platform


AHJ is an association registered under French law (1901), founded in 2017 and registered in the Kurdistan region of Iraq since 2019. It allows people in the conflict zones, especially women, to train in journalism and creativity, to assert their rights to freedom of expression, information and education. AHJ acts within  a political and secular framework and is open to all ethnic groups and minorities. AHJ has an Ethical Charter and a Committee of Experts in Journalism and Art.

Since 2019, AHJ has collaborated with CFI the French Agency for Media Development, a subsidiary of France Médias Monde. This agency is in charge of coordinating and leading the French policy of Development Aid for Media in the world and works alongside media organizations and members of civil society, to promote pluralistic and democratic news and to support the objectives of sustainable development.

AHJ and CFI work in partnership, for a project for Gender and Media in Iraq and Yemen. This project, entitled Makanati (which means “my place” in Arabic), encourages greater participation of women in Iraqi and Yemeni societies. Makanati has just been launched in September 2020, in the frame of a virtual seminar with the participation of more than 100 journalists and experts in media and gender as well as with activists, students in journalism, and representatives of civil societies and governmental organizations.

The “Makanati” project encourages a wider participation of women, a better understanding by the local population of the challenges they face, particularly through the production and dissemination of information about women. It also aims to raise awareness among journalists and future journalists of the subject of gender equality in the media, women’s rights and leadership.

For Iraq, as the first steps of the project, and to create the Makanati platform, AHJ will organize an online workshop Web-media technique and creation of the Makanati platform (64 hours) from 15th November 2020 to 13th January 2021

Who can apply?
For these specific workshops we are addressing:
Young female journalists or students in journalism or fresh graduate who are interested in website creation and web mastering, from anywhere in Iraq, including Kurdistan Region. 

(10 places)

How will it work?
The workshop is virtual and will be held on Zoom.
The language will be in English.

Selection process of the beneficiaries
10 female candidates will be selected, originating from different areas of Iraq, from the north (Kurdistan region) to the south of Iraq. The participants must commit to attend all the sessions in order to receive the certificate of attendance. The certificates will be distributed at a special ceremony which will take place on 2nd February 2021 in Erbil, Kurdistan Region-Iraq to inaugurate the Makanati platform.

Date of the workshops

The technical workshop to create Makanati platform will run from 15 November 2020 to 13 January 2021 (64hours),

(8hours per week)


You can send your application until November 10th.
We will give you a final answer regarding your application on November 13th.

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