#MAKANATI Virtual Seminar
28-29 September 2020 

ٍSubmission is open for the journalists, students in journalism, NGOs, medias, media and gender experts and the universities

 التقديم مفتوح للصحفيين والطلاب في الصحافة والعلوم الإنسانية والمنظمات ووسائل الإعلام وخبراء الإعلام والنوع الاجتماعي والجامعات

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الطلاب في الصحافة والعلوم الإنسانية

Students in Journalism

& Science Human

Organizations & Universities

المنظمات & الجامعات



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AHJ is an association registered under French law (1901), founded in France (2017) and registered in the Kurdistan region of Iraq since 2019. It allows the people in the conflict zones, especially women, to train in journalism and creativity to assert their rights to freedom of expression, information and education.